Scholarships Opportunites

As our mission states:

"to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment."

We work to provide several scholarships for high school students going to college and young women returning to school to further their education.  Please also see our "Live Your Dream Award" page.


High School Scholarships - for students entering college

We offer three high school sholarships available to our local high school institutions.  You can visit the CA Local Scholarship website and find our scholarship under "Soroptimist International of Placerville at this address:

Lennie Mills Memorial Scholarship

This is an additional high school student scholarship for those entering college.  Lennie Mills was a club member and when she passed, a scholarship fund was established in her honor.  This scholarship focuses on those students who excel in their volunteerism in our community.  Refer to the same application as above at the CA Local Scholarship website address:

Acuna-Ripley Young Women in Engineering Scholarship

In addition, we have a new engineering scholarship entitled the “Acuna-Ripley Young Women in Engineering Scholarship”.  Many thanks go to Mark Acuna and his colleague, Elizabeth Ripley, for their dedication to make this scholarship available annually.  Both Mark and Elizabeth have a passion for education and feel more women would participate in the engineering field if given an opportunity. With a long family history of engineering professionals, they know the value as it helped them throughout their careers.  This scholarship will be offered to young women going into college as well as those returning to pursue their degree in the engineering field.  This scholarship, established in 2017-18, will be offered annually in the amount of $1,500.   Selected applicants will be invited to our annual awards dinner each year in April.

Click the file below to apply for the Acuna-Ripley Young Women in Engineering Scholarship.

Be sure to contact us with any questions at or 530.344.1476.