Cookie Baking for Remembrance Celebration

We gathered at President Kaye Culver’s home on Saturday, December 10, 2011. Our task was to bake 400 cookies for the Remembrance Celebration which is sponsored by Chapel of the Pines, Marshall Foundation for Community Health and the Strength For The Journey – Surviving Sudden Loss Program.  This program provides free counseling services for those that have experienced sudden loss in their life.  Our club was asked by the founder of this program, Earline Gutenberger, if we would be interested in baking cookies for this one night event on the second Tuesday of December.  It was presented to the club and all agreed it would be a fun time for us to get together.  At our recent business meeting, those that were unable to attend the cookie baking party brought their donation of cookie dough to bake at the party.  Those in attendance to bake were, Kaye Culver, Charlotte Morgan, Judy Hinz, Tanya Moran, and Lisa Paglia.  Those that dropped off pre-baked cookies that day were Bill Neville (for Callie) and Debbie Rice.  We baked from 8:30 to 12:00 and were baked over 400 cookies.  We also baked cookies for Sunday’s Club Christmas Party and also a small portion of undecorated sugar cookies for the CASA Children’s Christmas Party which our club member, Tanya Moran, will be taking to that party that evening.