Ruby Award Winner Announced - Sherry Whalen

This award is named in honor of  Ruby Lee Minar, the first Federation President.  A ruby is a gemstone, also associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, power and love - all words embodying our award recipients. 

Sherry fearlessly works on the frontlines of fighting poverty and to help women and children here in El Dorado County (EDC). Her commitment to women and their families is courageous. She has led many on this journey of helping people with their battle of addiction, homelessness. This past year HHSA's program housed 64 homeless families. She has been seen reaching out to women others had given up on. Many suggest that she carries the weight of these women and children’s plight on her shoulders.  She empowers women to become self-sufficient. Once they are housed she works on helping them get a job through education and training. Women who did not even have a high school diploma and lacked self-esteem are now college graduates. Sherry is tireless in her commitment to the women in our community. She sensitively and respectfully helps women heal who have suffered from domestic abuse and felt that they had no value. These women are now self-reliant because Sherry was there for them.  The battle of poverty needs more champions like Sherry Whalen.