Session 4 – Patience/Delayed Gratification

Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention Program: Session 4 – Patience/Delayed Gratification

What is patience and why is it so hard to be patient? Students learned the difference between delayed and instant gratification.

Activity – For each situation, children ranked how easy or difficult it is to be patient by standing in a corresponding spot between the two walls: easy and hard.

Why are your dreams worth working for and waiting for?

Activity – students filled out their “pirate ship” which is how they will get to their Dream Island (representing their future life). Sails represent who can help them reach their dream (family, friends, and organizations), laps on side of ship represent action steps they will need to take to reach goals. Our goals/dreams take time to achieve and are worth waiting for.

Video – Stanford marshmallow test.

Member Lynne Rogers gives 7th grade student a book to help him learn to speak Russian. Previously he had expressed an interest in learning this language.