Session 5 – Manipulation or Coercion and Control

Students learning how to keep from being victimized.

Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention Program: Session 5 – Manipulation or coercion and control - Traffickers are MASTERS at this.

Students learned the three T''s of Trafficking:

TARGETED - Traffickers (pimps) shop for their victims in shopping malls, bus stops, school, after school programs or hang-out locations like popular fast food restaurants or anywhere were teens gather.

TRICKED - pimps invest a lot of time and effort forming a bond with their victims. They often buy gifts, provide a place to stay, and give affection before revealing their real intent - to sell them for sex.

TRAUMATIZED - The pimp's use of psychological manipulation, physical violence and rape can make the victim feel trapped and powerless.

Continued Feelings Discussion (Part 2) What about those strong feelings that mask youth from seeing what's really going on.


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