Ruby Award 2020 Winner Announced - Nikki of MJ's Project

MJ's Project leader wins 2020 Ruby Award

We are proud to announce this year’s winner: Nikki Gardea. Nikki dedicates herself to helping other women, especially young woman. She routinely goes above and beyond for the young women of our community.

Nikki is a single mom of five; four of which are girls. In addition to providing for her kids, she also provides for hundreds of kids in our county through MJ’s Project. This project, originally started by her daughter MJ, is dedicated to providing feminine hygiene to girls going without. That aspect is going strong! In the last year and a half, the project has grown tremendously, empowering all teens of our county. Nikki and her team now provide pads, tampons, hygiene, clothes, school supplies, shoes and Christmas gifts. She spends all her spare time advocating for and helping provide basic life essentials to local teens in need. In doing so, she has taught her own daughters that one girl can move mountains. She has instilled in her daughters that they can be great, and shown them how to accomplish their dreams

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